Academic Year 2005-2006

Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2005/6

Award for Outstanding Actor: Gordon Chu (6J)
Award for Outstanding Actor: Edmond Wong (5D)
Award for Outstanding Script: Mrs. C. Rakesh

Hong Kong Inter-School Team Chess Championships 2006

Team Winners: 2nd

Headteacher Ms. Lo. and students

Individuals Winners: Gold Medal

5D Eugene Yuen and Headteacher Ms. Lo.

Individuals Winners: Bronze Medal

5J Kelvin Chu and Headteacher Ms. Lo.


優異獎得獎學同學:5D 莫熙禮

優異獎得獎學同學:5J 黃文仲

The 10th English Handwriting Competition(2005 - 2006)

From left to right
Ms. Phyllis Lo (Headteacher), (Upper) (1st) Dennis Lau, (2nd) Maco Wong, (3rd) Valent Cheung (abs), (Intermediate) (1st) Wong Tai Kiu, (2nd) Chan Ching Yin, (3rd) Yeu Ernest, (Lower) (1st) Curtis Ho, (2nd) Alex Chow (abs), (3rd) Chu Shing Him