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Job Hunting is an important part in career development. Thus, the Careers Office, in emphasizing the importance of job hunting, is now presenting you the opportunity to get practical with job hunting by providing related media. We hope that all of you will take a look at the links and find out more about job hunting. This will be able to help you to plan your future in a better way and equip you with more career information.

Job Hunting Links

1. How to write a resume? by Mr. Alfred Dunn

2. Talk on Interview Skills by Mr. Joseph Oei

3. Ming Pao Newspapers Limited JUMP - Talk on Recruitment and Further Education on Healthcare and Social Welfare

4. 職業字典 - 大型職業探索網站

Other Career Information

1. Powerpoint on Building Services Engineering by Ir. KT Cheuk

2. 物流業

3. Judiciary

4. Career for Student - Coaches and Disciplinary Forces

5. 幼師及特殊幼兒工作員發展空間

6. 醫院支援人員晉升機會

7. 社福職位:不同學歷年輕人的選擇

8. 「資歷架構」助年青人建立安老服務事業階梯

9. 投身護理助年輕人事業啓航

10. 投身醫護、社福 適合理性人或感性人?

11. Aviation