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The Mentoring Scheme has long been one of the most important events of the Careers Office. In the afternoon of 26th January, 2019, our mentors from all walks of life once again gathered together to share their invaluable knowledge and insights in the Student Activity Room. Our G11 and 12 students were paired with one or more old boys (mentors) to obtain fruitful advice on specific careers fields. The event has proven itself highly meaningful and helpful for students in pursuit of their future endeavours. The Tea Reception was a huge success thanks to the cooperation of all the mentors and mentees who have taken part in the tea reception.

This year, the event kicked off with warm a welcoming speech delivered by Mrs Tso, the Careers Mistress, followed by the commencement of the event by Mr David Wong, representative of DSOBA. This was followed by a session of interaction between mentors and mentees sharing their opinions.

Our mentors have pursued careers in various fields after graduating from DBS and have gained invaluable experience. On that day, they have returned to DBS to provide our G11 and G12 mentees with fruitful information about their daily routine of work and the working environment, sharing with them the ideal qualities required for pursuing their desired career paths and the preparations required for success in their career fields.

The tea reception was a fruitful afternoon for both mentees and mentors. Having actively engaged in a thorough conversation with experienced professionals, the mentees will equip themselves with such extensive knowledge and will be able to make educated decisions about their future choices. Both the mentors and the mentees will definitely find this experience enlightening and thought-provoking. We appreciate the enthusiastic response which we have received and hope that next year's tea reception will be an even more rewarding experience for all participants.

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For Mentors
Career planning is an ongoing process through which young people can have more understanding about their own interests, personalities, families, schools, the community and the world. For this, the Careers Office is now organizing a Mentoring Scheme.

The Mentoring Scheme invites Old Boys to be mentors of G11 students. Throughout the school year, mentor is meant to be the careers advisors of 4 to 5 current G11 boys. The mentors can contact their mentees through email or meet them once to twice a year to give them advice for their career planning. Mentors can give useful advice and share their own experiences to inspire mentees' careers choices and university subjects, and allow the students to visit their workplace to gain more insight into their career choices.

If you are interested in helping out this scheme, please download and fill in the form below and email it to For any further enquiries, please feel free to email us or contact Mrs. Jenny Tso at 2768 5611.

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For Mentees
Have you ever thought of a career that you really want to pursue? Well, come and join our Mentoring Scheme! This scheme invites Old Boys to enlighten you with knowledge and workplace ethics as well as invaluable experience to prepare you well for the future.

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Please DO NOT make duplicate applications.

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to email to or contact Ms Sharon Chan at the Careers Office.

Deadline for Application (Year 2020-2021): 20 November 2020

This year's Tea Reception will be (tentatively) held from 13:30 to 17:00 on Saturday, 16th January 2021.