In light of EDB’s School suspension announcement, lessons will resume on Wednesday 19th September 2018.  Please take note of the following:

  1. The Chi Ping Drive will be closed to ALL traffic.  All vehicles are required to stop outside the Security Box at the bottom of the Drive.  Students should only walk up the school via the Primary Division or the Steps.  Students are strongly encouraged to take public transport to school to reduce traffic congestion.
  1. All boys will be asked to participate in ‘Operation Mangkhut’ to help clean up the campus during period 1 on Wednesday.  They will be briefed about the details of the operation during assembly that morning.  To facilitate this, students are asked to dress casually for the day and to bring their own insect repellent.  The school advises students to wear full length plain dark colour toned jeans and a polo shirt / T-shirts and bring an extra set to change into.  Students SHOULD:
  • NOT wear shorts that are above the knees.
  • HAVE the school badge pinned on their T-shirts, Polo shirts, or shirts.
  • NOT wear slippers and sandals. Only sneakers or leather shoes are allowed.
  • NOT wear any accessories (Including rings, earrings, necklace, hand lace, etc.).
  • ABIDE by the school rules regarding hair colour and style – just like all students do on a normal school day.

If students intend to wear the school uniform, the proper uniform must be worn. (Refer to School Rules about the School Uniform)

  1. The school will distribute cotton gloves for students for Operation Mangkhut.  Parents and students are kindly requested to take them back home after the Operation and return them cleaned and dried, so the school may use them to other causes.
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