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1 Nov 2014   25oC  RH: 83%

Inter-School Swimming Competition 2014
16th October 2014

Day One of the Inter-School Swimming Competition was held on October 16, 2014, in the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. Pictures of the event can be found [here].

The Finals of the Inter-School Swimming Competition was held on October 24, 2014, also in the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. DBS won the Overall Champion as well as the Champions for A grade and C grade, coming second in B grade. The full results can be seen below. Photos of the event can be found [here].

Thanks must be given to our Audio and Visual Team for providing the livestreaming of the event that day.

Boys A B C Overall
DBS 200 151 172 523
LSC 108 160.5 125 393.5
SJC 121 106 98 325



31st October 2014
Certificates of HKDSE 2014

Certificates of HKDSE 2014 can now be collected from the General Office during office hours. All uncollected certificates will be returned to HKEAA by June 2015.

29th October 2014
Inter-House Athletics Competitions 2014

The Inter-House Athletics Competitions Finals was held on October 29, 2014 in the Wan Chai Sports Ground. George She won the title with Sargent and Goodban coming in second and third respectively. The full results can be found below.

  A F G P Sa Sy L GS
A 18 36 96 80 134 135 61 129
B 63 43 74 87 67 19 57 168
C 130 72 94 72 70 22 42 125
Total 211 141 264 229 271 176 160 422


22nd October 2014
Global Career Forum

The DSOBA and DBS Centre for Further Studies would like to inform you that a Global Career Forum will be held on 1 November, 2014. In previous years, this event was called “University Day” and was very well-received by past students. The reason for the name change was to reflect a change in approach. The event is intended to help you decide on your career path rather than just choosing which university to go to. Choosing the right university is just one little step towards a much greater goal - a fulfilling career. In addition, having clear career aspirations will help you choose the “best fit” universities to help you reach your goal.

The Global Career Forum will include industry specific group discussions to be led by representatives from various DSOBA professional chapters, including IT and media, healthcare and medicine, law, and building design and architecture. Please don’t miss this rare opportunity to obtain first hand career advice! Counselors from the Centre for Further Studies will also be on hand to provide insights on university admissions and how to research universities that offer courses related to your career interest. In addition, old boys who graduated from a wide range of universities in Hong Kong, UK, USA, Canada and Australia will be able to share their university experiences and what to expect when you start university.

Date: 1 November 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 2pm

Venue: School Hall, Diocesan Boys’ School

Registration: online registration form

*Parking is not available.*

21st October 2014
International Junior Science Olympiad 2015 - Hong Kong Screening

The International Junior Science Olympiad 2015 - Hong Kong Screening was held on September 27, 2014. A few awards were given out to our boys for their achievements in the screening. We were awarded the Champion in the team award and the following boys received honour:

Name Honour
Fung Hin Pok Cyrus First Class Honour
Tang Brandon Trevor First Class Honour
Yuen Tsz Kin First Class Honour
Tong Ho Wang Mervyn Second Class Honour
Wong Brian Third Class Honour
Yuen Wai Yan Third Class Honour

The students will go through a series of follow-on enhancement training programmes and may be selected to represent Hong Kong and take part in the 12th International Junior Science Olympiad, to be held in December 2015.

15th October 2014
Garden Fete 2014

The annual Garden Fete will be held on 9th November 2014 (Sunday) from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. Parents and especially, old boys are welcome to visit DBS on the day and support our boys who have put a lot of effort into making the event possible.

A free shuttle bus service for parents, students and visitors will be provided on that day. Please refer to the attachments for the shuttle bus service arrangements. Only a very small number of parking spaces will be available on the whole day during the Garden Fete. Parking will not be provided on a rainy day. As the number of parking spaces is very limited, a long queue of vehicles using the school drive is expected whether these vehicles are to drop off passengers or to look for parking. The waiting time is usually at least 45 minutes based on past experience. Once the parking lots are full, drivers will be asked to leave the school drive (i.e. no waiting is allowed) to avoid over congesting the only exit in case of an emergency. Therefore, parents and students are highly encouraged to take the shuttle bus or walk up the school either via the Main Drive from Argyle Street or via the Steps from Prince Edward Road to avoid delays. No matter which way you take, we look forward to seeing you all at the Garden Fete.

Immediately following the opening ceremony, there will be a Holy Communion Service in St Augustine's Chapel at 11:00am.

Attached please find the map and bus schedule.

Bus Schedule.png

13th October 2014
"Working into World Choral Music" 2014 City Tour Workshop - China.Hong Kong

Date: 18th October 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Venue: DBS Auditorium
(* Remarks: No Parking Space Provided to the Participants)

Application Method: On-line application
(Details could be found through the leaflet attached)

2014 走進世界合唱 系列城市工作坊講座 中國 香港.pdf

7th October 2014
Arrangement for October

Arrangement for October: School will resume as normal.

29th September 2014
Arrangements for Monday, 29th September 2014

Arrangements for Monday, 29th September 2014:

The school will have normal lessons today. Due to the traffic condition in Mongkok, parents may exercise their discretion whether to keep their sons at home or attend school.

25th September 2014

本校將於10月11日(星期六)聯同5所學校,舉行「中文科聯校口語溝通模擬考試活動」,時間為上午09:00 ─ 下午01:30,所有G12同學須按指定時間到禮堂/SR6報到,詳細資料請參閱中文科通告。如有疑問,請聯絡中文科老師或陳麗英老師。

20th September 2014
Sports for All Programme Results

Please refer to the attachment for the results of the Sports for All Programme.

Sports for all Result.xls

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