Update 2: In light of EDB's School suspension announcement, Operation Mangkhut will commence, pending no further announcements, Wednesday 19 September 2018 0830 hrs, immediately after the morning assembly. Dress Casual Day protocol will take effect for one day.

Update 3: The Boarding School will remain closed today and reopen tomorrow at 18:00 and all boarders should be back by 21:30 following the Sunday timetable.

Thanks to the hard work, sacrifice, and great efficiency of our operations staff, school will resume as normal tomorrow. 

As there are still broken tree limbs and branches along the School Drive, students are advised to take public transport to school to reduce traffic congestion.

In addition, all boys will be asked to participate in “Operation Mangkhut” to help clean up the campus during period 1. Students will be briefed about the details of the operation during assembly.

It is time to fortify our hill again. In the meantime, please continue to stay vigilant and safe.

Update 1: The Boarding School will reopen tonight at 6pm following the Sunday timetable. Boarders are reminded to be punctual for the Night Meeting and Prayer at 9:45pm. Please take public transport as the school drive is still under cleaning up at this moment.

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