Admission / 入學 ⋅ G7 (F1) Admission

  1. Distribution of Application Forms

    Applicants may obtain application forms and relevant information by:
    1. posting an A4 size self-addressed stamped ($5.4) envelope to the school; or
    2. coming in person to the school between 16th October 2023 and 17th November 2023; or
    3. downloading the forms from the school website. (link)

    Applicants will not be asked to fill in any information concerning their family income in the application form.

  2. Examination

    Selected applicants will be asked to attend an interview in both English and Cantonese offered by the English and Chinese Departments. Applicants who are talented in sports and music may be invited to attend try-outs and auditions.

    No special arrangements will be made for candidates from overseas and they will be asked to attend the oral interviews on the same day as the local applicants.

  3. Admissions of Students

    Selection Panel: Mr. R. Cheng
    Mr. K.W. Cho
    Ms. R. Ghafur
    Mr. C.H. Cheung
    Mr. J. Chan
    Mr. Y.L. Lau
    Mr. F. Shuen
    Mr. L.T. Chan

    1. Students will be admitted on the basis of their performance at an interview, his past academic records and extra-curricular talents. The selection panel's decision is final.

      Criteria for the selection of Grade 7 (Form 1) boysWeight
      Academic results60%
      Extracurricular achievements20%
      Performance in the interviews15%
      Others (e.g. father, brother are old boys; brother studying in DBS)5%

    2. The selection panel may also accept students on special grounds (e.g. staff's family member or based on outstanding talents). However, these special cases shall not exceed 25% of the total number of students admitted through the entrance examination.

    3. The school will continue to adopt a need-blind student admission policy to ensure that no qualified students will be deprived of receiving education in DBS due to financial reasons. The school has a 'Fee Remission Scheme' for needy students. Those needy students will be offered a full or partial fee remission. Needy students, including those from families receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance and those receiving financial assistance provided by the Student Finance Office could apply and be eligible for school fee remission. Besides, an 'Endowment Fund' has been set up to provide other means of financial assistance. 'Scholarships' will also be offered to students who have demonstrated outstanding achievements or possess potential in the areas of academics, sports, music and other extra-curricular activities. Students who receive any of the above-mentioned financial assistance schemes may be partially exempt from the Boarding School Fee on a pro-rata basis.

  4. Release of Results

    The results will be released in late March / early April, 2024.