Suspension of all lessons and activities on 13 November 2019
Taking into consideration the unstable road conditions and the suspension of public transport, the school has decided to suspend all lessons and activities on 13 November 2019. Students are advised to stay home and in a safe environment.

The Inter-House Athletics Competition will be held at Wan Chai Sports Ground on 22 November 2019 from 08:15 to 16:00.

The first event will start at 08:45. Lunch break will be from 11:45 to 13:00.

The Inter-House Athletics Competition is an official school day. All students are expected to support their Houses at the Sports Ground. If a student is sick and cannot attend the event, he must submit a doctor’s certificate and a parent’s letter to his class teacher when he returns to school on 25 November 2019.

All students, except scouts and athletes, must be in school uniform. Electronic games devices are not allowed inside the Sports Ground area. Boys should bring along a packed lunch and a bottle of water, or some money for lunch. In case of a sudden change in weather, they should also bring along warm clothing.

The spectator stand will be divided into 8 sections for the 8 Houses. A seating plan is posted on the Notice Board outside the Hall. Boys will sit with their House Masters and Mistresses, and are not allowed to go to the field. As the spectator stand is a public space, boys must look after their own belongings.

Students must bring their student I.D. cards for attendance taking by Prefects at the entrance of the Sports Ground at 08:15 and at 13:00.

Due to the closure of Prince Edward and Mongkok MTR stations and possibility that there could be further closures of public transport, the school will give the option for students to leave school after 1400 subject to verbal consent from parents (we will arrange for students to call parents directly).  The school will remain open and teachers will continue to be in classrooms in the afternoon, but lessons will be cancelled.  All after school activities will be cancelled.

An exhibition will be held between Nov 1 and Nov 4. For details, please refer to the attachments.

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The Inter-school Swimming Finals 2019 - 2020 was held on 25th October 2019 (Friday), in the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool.

Our school has captured the grand slam and the 27th swimming overall championship. The results can be found below:

  A B C Overall
DBS 187 146 175 508
SJC 136 137 117 390
LSC 123 118 141 382


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