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23 Mar 2019  

School Profile
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Staff Photo 2018 - 2019

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Mr. R.K.Y. Cheng
M.Ed., Hong Kong; M. Mus., Illinois; B.Mus., Oklahoma Baptist; Postgraduate Dip. Ed., Hong Kong Baptist

Staff 2017 - 2018

Supporting Staff 2017 - 2018
School Social Worker Mr. Tony Wong
Senior University Counsellor (Local) Ms. Miranda Lam
University Counsellor (Local) Ms. Emily Tam
Ms. Florence Wong
University Counsellor (Overseas) Ms. Vicky Ng
Ms. Elizabeth Lee
Secondary Transfer Counsellor Ms. Winnie Ng
Mr. Dennis Leung
Ms. Lynette Leung
Ms. Golda Chan
Assistant University Counsellor Ms. Jennifer Chong
Careers & Further Studies Assistant Ms. Stella Chu
Financial Controller Ms. Susan Leung
Accounting Officer Mr. Alan Wong
Ms. Peggy So
Accounts Clerk Ms. Angel Chan
Ms. Daisy Law
Mr. Cyrus Chow
Mr. Alfar Lee
Ms. Candy Kwong
School Secretary Ms. Ivy Luk
Administrative Officer Ms. Jennette Chong
General Office Attendant Miss May Lam
Mr. Wallie Law
Mr. Clinton Fung
Miss Cherry Chan
Sr. Business & H.R. Officer Ms. Jovian Lam
Asst Business & H.R. Officer Mr. Raymond Mok
Administrative Officer (Resources) Ms. Candy Cheung
Admission Clerical Assistant Ms. Kiwi Lo
I.B. Administrator Mr. James Lin
I.B. Clerk Miss Vivien Chan
I.B. Laboratory Technician Ms. Emily Chu
Mr. Yeung Tak Shing
I.B. Librarian Mr. Kenneth Cheng
Assistant Librarian Mr. Lo Kwok On
Music Assistant Ms. Holly Wong
Sports Assistant Ms. Anne Cheng
P.E. Assistant Miss Ma Cheuk Man
Swimming Clerical Assistant Mr. Chu Buk Lok
Senior Auditorium Officer Ms. Jennifer Chow
Ms. Gara Siu
Laboratory Technician Mr. Chun Ka Ming
Ms. Catherine Chan
Mr. Ho Wai Keung
Ms. Edith Tong
School Nurse & Boarding Houseparent Ms. Jennifer Lee
I.T. Officer Mr. Lo Wing Fai
Mr. Andy Wong
A.V. Supervisor Mr. Albert Ip
I.T. Technician Mr. Yau Ting Fung
Mr. Wong Chi Shing
Senior Campus Officer Mr. Daniel Wong
Campus Officer Mr. Kenneth Tang
Ms. Nicole Wan
Campus Officer (Building Services) Mr. Tony Tse
Campus Administrative Assistant Ms. Aya Li
Security Guard Inspector Mr. Chu Yik Ming
Technician Mr. Lam Chun Lung
Mr. Lee Man Wai
Mr. Zeng Zhi Shan
Mr. Lan Yu
Senior Tree Management Officer Ms. Clara Lau
Tree Management Officer Mr. Jack Chan
Assistant Arborist Mr. Andy Wong

School Chaplain 2018 - 2019
School Chaplain The Rev’d. K.K. Chan

Boarding Staff 2018 - 2019
Warden Mr. C.C. Chau
BSc, Dip. Ed., CUHK
Deputy Warden Mr. Kelvin C.T. Lau
BSocSc (Hons.), Professional Dip. in Guidance & Counselling, PGDE (LS), CUHK; Cert. of Foundational Liturgical Studies, HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College
Assistant Warden Miss Cherie H.Y. Mak
BSW (Hons.), HKBU; MSW, CUHK; Registered Social Worker, Social Workers Registration Board, Hong Kong
School Nurse & Boarding Houseparent Ms. Jennifer K.L. Lee
BS (Hons.) in Nursing, HKPU; Registered Nurse, The Nursing Council of Hong Kong; Fellow Member of Hong Kong College of Paediatric Nursing
Boarding Assistants Mr. H.K. Lee
Mr. Brian T.C. Tang
Boarding School Clerk Ms. Doris L.P. Ng