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23 Mar 2019  

Careers Office
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Career Information Website


The Education Bureau has developed a Career Information Website which provides a variety of career information such as students’ profiling and reference links. The website provides students with relevant information on life planning education and career guidance services.

There are 9 corners in the website:

(a) Career Information Corner (職業資訊)

  • latest career information about 160 jobs, covering 21 industries of traditional professions and new job types, with details of industry prospects, entry requirements, relevant further studies programmes and progression pathways

(b) Career Market Corner (就業市場)

  • latest development trend in job market

(c) Career Skills Development Corner ( 職業技能)

  • information about social etiquette including interviewing skills, presentation skills and writing resume skills

(d) Starting Business Corner ( 創業資訊)

  • information about financial considerations, resources and problem-solving for starting businesses

(e) Further Study Corner (升學資訊)

  • latest information about multiple pathways for local and non-local further studies

(f) Parents’ Corner (家長專區)

  • cases sharing and reference materials regarding parents’ role in life planning education

(g) Students’ Profiling Corner (個人檔案)

  • an online profiling template for students to create and save their learning records

(h) Videos Corner (影片專區)

  • a variety of videos in life planning education and career information including sharing from figureheads of industries, students, parents

(i) Useful Links Corner (有用連結)

  • hyperlinks to the websites of local and overseas tertiary/ post-secondary institutions;
  • hyperlinks to programme search engines such as e-Navigator and Qualifications Register