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27 Mar 2019  

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Canadian Computing Competition - Olympiad in Informatics Team

The Olympiad in Informatics Team has joined the Canadian Computing Competition 2017 held by the University of Hong Kong and University of Waterloo. Our programmers have outperformed representatives of other schools and captured a fruitful result. We are delighted to share with you our accomplishments:

Senior Category Junior Category
Li Kwing Hei (G10D)
Certificate of Merit
Li Yung Chi (G8G)
Certificate of Distinction
  Chan Yuen Ho (G8M)
Certificate of Distinction
  Zhou Tin Jik Chris (G8S)
Certificate of Distinction
  Ng Tsz Hin (G8S)
Certificate of Merit
  Lam Wai Chung (G8D)
Certificate of Merit
  Tong Chun Shing (G7G)
Certificate of Merit
  Lau Chun Chi (G8S)
Honorable Mention

Our team strives to develop our programmer’s problem solving skills and the ability to take up challenges. We will continue to withhold this belief and strive for better results in the upcoming year.

12 March, 2017