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23 Mar 2019  

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Mathematics Olympiad Team - Outstanding Results in PCIMC 2017

The Mathematics Olympiad Team participated in the final of the 16th Pui Ching Invitational Mathematics Competition (PCIMC) in May 2017 and achieved its best results ever in the prestigious competition. Not only did we manage to capture our first ever overall championship, our members also performed exceptionally well in all grades. We are delighted to share with you our members’ outstanding achievements:


All 15 participants (3 from each year group) qualified for the final. 11 of them were awarded prizes (i.e. among the top 30 finalists in their respective year groups) in the competition.


List of Awardees:

G7: Cheng Nick Hang (Gold), Wong Pak Qiu (Silver), Shum Hei Chai (Bronze)

G8: Leung Harris (Gold), Leung Chun Yu (Bronze)

G9: Tang Jun Xiang Patrick (Gold), Lai Shun Him Godwyn (Silver)

G10: Chow Bak Yue (Bronze), Kwok Chin Hin (Bronze)

Senior: Leung Yui Hin Arvin (Gold), Lam Chun Hei (Bronze)


Without the combined effort of all our members, we would not have been as successful in the competition. As a long-established powerhouse of problem-solvers, the Mathematics Olympiad Team will continue to strive for success in its future endeavour.

13 July, 2017