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27 Mar 2019  

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Olympiad in Informatics Team: Achievements in Local and International Competitions

We are delighted to announce that 2 members of our Olympiad in Informatics Team, Harris Leung of G8G and Li Kwing Hei of G10D, were selected to represent Hong Kong to compete in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) and National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI), and they successfully captured bronze medals in both competitions. The competitions invited participation of elites from all around the world; overall, Hong Kong captured 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal in the IOI, and 5 bronze medals in the NOI.

Our team also participated in the LaSalle-PuiChing Programming Challenge in August and achieved outstanding results. Our official team, comprising Harris Leung of G8G, Ng Tsz Hin of G8S, and Myron Lam of G7D, captured the Champion award. Our sub-team, comprising Li Yung Chi of G8G, Zhou Tin Jik of G8S, and Lam Wai Chung of G8D, captured the Distinction award.

As a strong but relatively young powerhouse of problem solves, our ambitious team has set their gaze to the world arena. Through rigorous training in the coming year, we hope to hone our skills and be recognized not only nationally, but internationally. We hope to invite young programmers with a similar vision to join our team, so that we can strive to achieve our goals together.

09 August, 2017